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$170K in extra revenue in under 3 months for home improvement company.

In under 3 months, Elevated Concepts generated an extra $170,000 in revenue through their new website. That's an extra $170K that wouldn't be in their bank account if they didn't take action. Before working with us, they were struggling to attract new clients and had nowhere near the volume of projects they needed to expand. They now have a thriving business that grows month on month.

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Elevated Concepts
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about the company.

Elevated Concepts are a home improvement company specialising in pergolas, decks, renovations, and outdoor living areas across Canberra. With over 15 years in the industry, they're highly skilled at what they do and needed to show it.

When we first spoke with them, they had no website in place and weren't sure how to reach more potential customers online. While they had some enquires coming through their referrals and their social channels, it just wasn't enough to grow their business and expand in the ways they wanted to. It was time to take action and get this fixed.

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The problem

not enough clients to grow the business

  • No trust with clients due to no online presence

  • No clear and obvious way for them to be found by their ideal clients online

  • Of the leads that came in, not enough were converting into paying customers costing them thousands in lost projects every week

  • Clients weren't aware of the full extent of their capabilities and services

  • Poor professionalism due to no website meant they were missing opportunities

The Solution

a website that put them in front of lots of customers and converted them into high paying clients.

With no website to even convert their referrals into paying customers, let alone get infront of new ones, the very first step of the process was to build out a killer new website for Elevated Concepts. The goal was to build a site that showcased their amazing capabilities, highlighted their various services, and demonstrated their incredible industry expertise.

We had to ensure the copy on the website nailed how they wanted to be portrayed to their clients and written in way that would persuade their visitors to want to choose them.

Then, to ensure they had the image of one of the leaders in their market, we brought out our signature creative flare. Through crisp modern design, eye-catching imagery and animations, we made sure they looked like THE best home improvement builders in Canberra.

Once the site was launched, we worked our magic on the SEO, implementing strategies to get them to the top spots for their main keywords surrounding "Pergola Builders Canberra" and "Deck Builders Canberra". Since then, the results have been incredible. They speak for themselves.

The results

$170K in extra revenue in just 3 months, 8-12 huge new projects every month.

Incredible results, we know. Results like this came through a very well-planned SEO strategy executed by our team. With the site being launched a brand new domain, our team worked hard to get Google to recognise it as an authoritative figure in the industry from the get go.

We made sure all pre-launch aspects of the website were as powerful as possible to give us a good head start. From there it was go, go, go for our team, building out content and backlinks that made Elevated Concepts look awesome in Google's eyes. Throw this all together with an incredible website that converts, and you get results like this.

Now, they're landing 8-12 huge new projects every month through the website resulting in a whopping $170K extra monthly revenue in the first 3 months! Crazy. They've been able to buy new utes and trucks wrapped with their branding, hire more team members, and expand their business like never before. They're great clients too!

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Words From The Owner

"we've done $170K over the past 3 months and that's all thanks to the website"

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